Law Rocks Washington DC



Thursday, November 19, 2015
6:00pm VIP doors (reception with open bar & food until 8pm)
6:30pm General admission doors
7:00pm Concert (order of play TBA)

9:30 Club
815 V St NW
Washington, DC 20001


Witness as seven bands of musically brilliant legal professionals take the stage of the 9:30 Club and battle it out for their favorite local nonprofit (and rock glory). Law Rocks concerts are epic - a rocking good time that raises major funds and attention for local organizations that do amazing work in their city.

Thank you to our sponsors!



We are honored that Law Rocks DC will support these amazing nonprofits. 100% of donations made through Law Rocks DC in a band's name will go to their selected charity. Contribute by scrolling down to your band's profile and clicking Donate Now.


We are very excited to introduce our Rock Panel of judges, who will score each band in three areas - technical ability, creativity, and audience participation.


Joe Lawlor was born into a creative family from the Washington DC area. He began playing guitar at age 10 and instantly knew he had found his calling.
His progress was unbridled and after high school, he attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music. As a founding member of several progressive funk and rock bands, including the Washington DC based band, Egypt, Joe's notoriety grew as exponentially as his guitar playing bloomed. He quickly became a sought after session guitarist and has added his signature style to countless recordings.

Joe's influences range from guitar heros like Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck, to delta slide blues and the creole/second line stomp of New Orleans. At the core, Joe is a master of American guitar styles, but his embrace of the ethnic modes found in Sitar, and Qawwali music, give him his unique sound.  No stranger to R&B, Funk, Blues, Metal and Hip Hop, Joe combines the right mix of all his musical influences to hit the mark, every time.

For the past 14 years Joe has traveled the globe with the Dave Matthews band as part of their audio crew specifically working as their live recording engineer and archivist.



1967-1969 Drummer in the Band "Heel & Soul"
1969-1996 Drummer and leader of the band "Confection", a leading wedding, corporate dance band that performed 2250 events.
1972-1975 Talent agent for Washington Talent Agency
1975-1978 Talent agent for Barry Rick Associates
1978-Present Owner of Bialek's Music LTD. A diverse entertainment agency serving the entire East Coast
1999-2000 President of The International Special Events Society
2011 Lifetime Achievement Award winner for Special Events Society Washington DC
2013 Elected to the Board of Sesma (Special Event Sights marketing Alliance)
2015 Elected to The "Knot" Hall of Fame for wedding contributions
Married with two daughters and five grandchildren
Golf handicap of 16, and just got back from an African Safari


michael "JR" TASH

Michael "Jr" Tash was born in 1965 in Silver Spring, MD. He has been around music from an early age. Mike's father, Ken, had been a singer in the DC area during the 60's and had established an impressive collection of records from the classic singers of the 40's and 50's. Little did he know this had quite an impact on the budding guitarist. In 1975, something happened to launch Mike into the world of music - KISS. Once he saw Kiss he knew he had to play the guitar. He got his first guitar - a cheap acoustic - at age 11. Next came high school and the electric guitars and loud amps, as he moved into the world of heavy metal.

In the early 80's Mike met DC guitarist Steve Jacobs and discovered the blues. The original Bad Influence was formed in 1988 with bassist Rick Haveland, who gave Mike the nickname "Jr" due to the age difference between them.

For over 25 years, Jr has been a fixture on the East Coast blues circuit. He has performed at numerous clubs, festivals, made multiple appearances at NAMM shows, and was recently inducted into the Northern Virginia Blues Hall Of Fame.

Jr is currently endorsed by Epiphone guitars, GHS Strings, Quilter Amps, Peavey Electronics, Levy's Leathers, Spectraflex cables, and PedalSnake cable systems.


DC15 Judge Photo Joy Butler.jpg

joy butler

Joy Butler ( is a transactional attorney with over twenty years of experience. She operates a Washington, DC-based law firm focusing on business, technology, entertainment, and licensing matters. Her work in the music industry has included advising talent agents, concert promoters, producers, composers, and music publishing companies. She also works with film, television, and internet companies seeking to license music for their production needs.

Other recent projects within the entertainment component of Joy’s practice consist of film financings; television development agreements; a celebrity endorsement agreement within the fashion industry; copyright clearance opinions for forthcoming film and book publications; and increasingly complex commercial licensing transactions for internet technology and software development companies.

Joy is the author of several books on copyright, internet, and advertising law including The Permission Seeker’s Guide Through the Legal Jungle: Clearing Copyrights, Trademarks, and Other Rights for Entertainment and Media Productions. Her Guide Through the Legal Jungle® publications have been adopted into academic university curricula, used as a reference at the Library of Congress, and served as a source for her quotes in media. Joy blogs on music and other entertainment and media issues at
She is a graduate of Harvard Law School and Harvard College. Learn more about Joy Butler here.


jim ebert

Music producer Jim Ebert started his musical career at the age of twelve with a Micromoog synth and a Wurlitzer electric piano. After playing the worst version of ”Smoke On The Water” for the five thousandth time, Jim discovered music was going to be his life passion. As a guitarist, vocalist and keyboardist, Jim gigged regularly in the DC area from age 15-21. At 19 he took on the burden of recording his own band and stumbled upon where his true musical gifts lied, the studio.

 Jim sharpened his talent as chief engineer of Cue recording (VA). Every day was something new at Cue, from recording HR of the Bad Brains, to Buddy Miles, it helped nurture his diverse style. After the success of the double platinum album “If I Ever Fall In Love Again”, Jim’s mixing reputation grew, and so Jim relocated to Los Angeles, CA. Mixing became Jim’s main focus and led him to work with such artists as Ice Cube, Madonna and Toni Braxton. Though Jim was in great demand in the R & B world, he could not get away from his true love, ROCK! So in 1996 Jim decided to work exclusively with rock artist, starting with Jason Falkner’s Solo debut. From there it just rolled on………

Jim now resides on the east coast in the Washington, D.C. area. Jim works with indie, major label and developing artists as a producer and mixer. Jim also shares his passion for music by teaching recording, mixing and producing in small groups and one on one.

How scoring works

Law Rocks Scoring


Last updated 11/19/15 11pm EST

  1. $5590 Sutherland Comfort (Sutherland)
  2. $5000 Estoppelgängers (Latham & Watkins
  3. $3921 The Fine Print (Shulman Rogers)
  4. $2965 Attractive Nuisance (Steptoe)
  5. $2265 REDACTED (Finnegan)
  6. $1475 Splinters (Perkins Coie)
  7. $1405 Tortious Tones (Columbus School of Law)
  8. $1025 Buzzard Point Caucus (Multiple)

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Last updated 11/19/15 10:20pm EST

  1. $6584 Buzzard Point Caucus (Multiple)
  2. $5345.50 REDACTED (Finnegan)
  3. $5096 The Fine Print (Shulman Rogers)
  4. $4656.75 Tortious Tones (Columbus School of Law)
  5. $3594 Splinters (Perkins Coie)
  6. $2725.50 Sutherland Comfort (Sutherland)
  7. $1125 Estoppelgängers (Latham & Watkins)
  8. $450 Attractive Nuisance (Steptoe)

Attractive Nuisance (Steptoe & Johnson)
Buzzard Point Caucus (multiple)
Estoppelgängers (Latham & Watkins)
The Fine Print (Shulman Rogers)
REDACTED (Finnegan)
Splinters (Perkins Coie)
Sutherland Comfort (Sutherland)
Tortious Tones (Columbus School of Law)


Attractive Nuisance

Featuring talented legal professionals from Steptoe & Johnson
Rocking for Children's Law Center

Steptoe & Johnson LLP’s band Attractive Nuisance was formed in 2011 with two goals, rock out, and raise money for DC-area charities.  The band specializes in classic rock and funk covers and features talented instrumentalists and singers.

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Buzzard Point Caucus

Featuring talented legal professionals from Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP, government, McKool Smith, Peter C. Hansen Law, and Polaris
Rocking for Central Union Mission

Buzzard Point Caucus: as a local secret society of lawyers who rock, Buzzard Point Caucus emerges from the shadows to proudly participate in the first ever Law Rocks DC.  Buzzard Point Caucus joins this epic rock battle to support and raise funds for the Central Union Mission in D.C., an organization dedicated to providing shelter, food, education, and other assistance to people in need.  Come out on November 19 to the legendary 9:30 Club, a venue Rolling Stone ranked as the best music club in the country.  Donate, buy tickets, and join us to rock -- secret handshake not required.

Buzzard Point Caucus features Ben Christoff (guitar, vocals), Jon Knight (guitar, vocals), Corban Teague (bass), Justin Heminger (keyboards, vocals), and Mike King (drums). 

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Featuring talented legal professionals from Latham & Watkins
Rocking for Miriam's Kitchen

Estoppelgängers is the official band of the Latham & Watkins DC office. Hailing from the North, West, South, and Silver Spring, MD, the members of Estoppelgängers have been jamming out since 2012, when they converged on the corner of 11th and F with a song in their hearts and a pep in their step. Displaying prowess on the cello, English horn, banjo, fiddle, harpsichord, and hammer dulcimer, Estoppelgängers can rock in any genre, but they prefer to limit their seemingly endless talent to Marilyn Manson and Taylor Swift covers. Estoppelgängers would like to thank their fans and let them know that the band has always dedicated and will continue to dedicate every song to “keeping one’s professional options open".

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The Fine Print

Featuring talented legal professionals from Shulman Rogers
Rocking for Hospice Caring

Law Professionals by day, song slingers by night.  Shulman Rogers attorneys from local bar bands Film at Eleven and South Glen have combined to create a one night powerhouse for charity.  The lawyers at Shulman Rogers have performed with a diverse roster of Grammy award-winning and nominated musicians, including Jeff Peterson (Slack Key Guitarist), Ambrosia, Marty Balin (Jefferson Airplane) and others.

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Featuring talented legal professionals from Finnegan
Rocking for Children's Law Center

REDACTED IS BACK! Finnegan is proud and pumped up to be participating in the first annual Law Rocks DC fundraising event at the legendary 9:30 Club on Thursday, November 19! REDACTED will be rocking out to support the Children’s Law Center, a local organization that assists DC children who have been abused or neglected, caught in custody battles, live in poor housing, or have special education needs. By supporting REDACTED with your donation to the Children’s Law Center, you are advancing the band’s quest to win the battle of law firm bands, but, most importantly, EVERY dime you contribute will go to help these less fortunate children in our area. This is an awesome way to band together with our fellow law firms to support this and other worthy causes. In exchange for your vote of $$, we promise to play our hearts out and bring down the house! VOTE EARLY AND OFTEN! THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT!! Let’s ROCK!!

REDACTED features Forrest Jones and Moira Bogley, vocals; Brandon Korch, drums; Rob Wells, bass; J.P. Long, guitar; and Mike Flibbert, guitar.

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Featuring talented legal professionals from Perkins Coie
Rocking for SOME (So Other Might Eat)

How many bands get to play their first gig at the 9:30 Club?  The Splinters!  (Keep your shoes on.)
The members of the band are:
John Ackerly
Marco DiPaul
Ed Keyser
David Christy

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Sutherland Comfort

Featuring talented legal professionals from Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Rocking for Bread for the City

Reigning “Banding Together” champions
 Singer: Naseem Nixon - A former corporate lawyer at Sutherland, Naseem is originally from Lancaster County, PA -- home of M&Ms, shoo-fly pies, and Amish Mafia.  Naseem is well known for many things, including channeling Tina Turner at the age of 4 with a mean rendition of “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” and her famous interview in middle school with the governor of North Carolina about a new thing called “the internet.”  These days, you might find Naseem strolling around the monuments at night, cooking, and of course, rocking the house as the lead singer of Sutherland Comfort since 2010.
Drummer: David McIndoe - Hailing from Winchester, MA, David misspent much of his youth playing in various bands with friends and trying to memorize every Rush song ever recorded. David eventually repurposed himself as an attorney, with a focus in niche practice areas of which no common person has ever heard, then migrated to Sutherland as a partner.  Finding himself unfulfilled from drumming with pencils during long conference calls, David joined Sutherland Comfort in 2013.  David enjoys soccer, parking in the same spot in the garage every day, and a good panna cotta.
Bass: Wilson Barmeyer - Sutherland Comfort’s own “Georgia peach,” bass man Wilson commands respect both in the courtroom and on stage.  Originally a guitar player, he now strings up his bass almost as well as he strings along the jury, and he relishes the chance to relieve his rocker days with the band each year.  A member of Sutherland’s financial services litigation group, and an original member of Sutherland Comfort in 2010, Wilson could not believe that his old leather pants still fit back then, and he really can’t believe they still fit now.  In addition to having the shiniest pants in the band, Wilson is also our resident expert in scheduling, logistics, and rocking out.
Resident Rapper: Andrew McCormick - Resident rapper and litigation attorney at Sutherland, Andrew grew up on the rough streets of Virginia Beach and can often be found at Nationals games and/or Chipotle. His favorite people in the world are his wonderful wife, twin babies, Tom Brady, and everyone on the Associate Review Committee.  When Andrew isn’t busy working or channeling Tupac, he is riding around DC on his bike.  And he promises his outfit this year will be awesome (again).
Back-up singer: Meltem Kodaman - Born and raised in NYC, Meltem once hoped to be a chef but was instead lured to law school and, eventually, Sutherland. A ruthless lawyer in the “dark markets” of derivatives during the day, Meltem enjoys singing loudly in the car during her morning commute and still plans to pen the next great American novel.  Meltem is best known outside the legal world as the woman who held hands briefly with Justin Timberlake during a recent show.

Back-up singer: Kristine Ellison – A new addition to Sutherland Comfort, Kristine gave up her dream of performing on Broadway several years ago in exchange for the opportunityto “perform” in front of judges and juries as a member of Sutherland’s litigation team. She is pumped to finally get to share her singing talents at a venue other than a local karaoke bar. Kristine first started singing in the junior church choir at age 5 and hasn’t stopped since, joining concert choirs in high school and college and rocking out with her piano at home after law school.  A true Renaissance Woman, Kristine focuses her remaining free time “researching” Italian food and wine in DC.
Percussion: Irene Firippis - Irene "the machine" Firippis is the newest addition to Sutherland Comfort, lending her talents to percussion and congas. Irene has been a drummer since the first grade, ever since she saw Ringo Starr in concert. As a native Washingtonian, Irene is excited to play at the 9:30 Club, a venue where she has seen some of her favorite drummers play. There is nothing Irene loves more than talking her way on stage to rock out when she happens upon a live band. When Irene isn't jamming on the drums, she's an associate in Sutherland’s Financial Services and Securities Litigation group, handing out another kind of beat in the courtroom.
Guitar: Dan Buchner - A Sutherland alum, Dan now works for the World Wildlife Fund as the lone voice addressing the unique federal and state tax issues faced by pandas, tigers, macaques, and marmosets alike.  When Dan isn’t buried in the U.S. tax code or petting zoo animals, he’s rocking out with Sutherland Comfort or his other band, By and By, which specializes in bluegrass and awesome.  Dan’s favorite color is mauve and he has been known to accept homemade cupcakes for services.

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Tortious Tones

Featuring special guests from Columbus School of Law
Rocking for Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Washington

The Tortious Tones began as innocently as any other band. Two friends, Christian Baron and Nic Zawarski got together to perform as a part of their first year class skit at the annual Columbus Awards Night at the Catholic University. Since that moment they have expanded into the iconic eclectic D.C. cover band that they are today. The Tones, as they like to be called, have performed at a host of different venues across the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Some of the venues where the Tones have performed include Bayou DC, DC 9 Nightclub, and The Town Tavern DC to list a few.

Throughout all their success, the Tortious Tones never forgot where they came from and have become iconic as the Columbus School of Law’s in-house band . They have performed at numerous events hosted by the law school, providing quality entertainment with their classic rock and funk songs that span over a wide range of different artists.

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