2017 Law Rocks Philadelphia APPLICATION PACKAGE



Yes, even rock stars have to sometimes live by the rules. These are the participation guidelines for Law Rocks Philadelphia which will be Thursday, September 7, 2017 at World Cafe Live. Please email us with any questions along the way. Scroll down and click 'Apply Now!' to submit your application.

Band Eligibility and Guidelines

  • At least one member of the band must be a legal professional. This includes anyone who works for a law firm, a Court, a bar association, an in-house legal department, or is an arbitrator/mediator.
  • Each band will be allowed one “ringer” (a professional musician) maximum.
  • Not everyone in the band has to be from the same firm/company.
  • Final decisions regarding band member eligibility are determined by Law Rocks.
  • All band entries are subject to approval by Law Rocks.

Commitment to Fundraising and Event Proceeds

  • Each band must select a local nonprofit at least six weeks prior to the show. 
  • Nonprofits must be 501c3 organizations. Law Rocks prefers independent local nonprofits that specifically serve the city in which the concert will take place.
  • Designated nonprofits are subject to approval by Law Rocks.
  • Law Rocks will reach out to selected nonprofits to invite them to attend and help spread the word.
  • There are two categories of fundraising at Law Rocks events:
    • Ticket sales and sponsorships, and
    • Donations.
  • Proceeds from ticket sales and sponsorships are used to cover the expense of the event, which includes backline, venue, staff, and associated costs. All remaining proceeds will be donated to a local charity that supports the Law Rocks mission of promoting music education for underprivileged youth.
  • All donations (as opposed to ticket sales/sponsorships) made via Law Rocks will be donated to each band’s designated nonprofit, subject to deductions for credit card and/or processing fees and, in the unlikely event that ticket sales and sponsorship funds are insufficient, for event costs.
  • In consideration for the opportunity to play the amazing event venues, each participating band is asked to aim to achieve a minimum of $2,500 in donations, ticket proceeds and sponsorships.


  • The winner of the event will be the band with the highest total score. Scoring is divided into equal categories:
    • 1/4 will be determined by each band’s donation total.
    • 1/4 will be determined by each band's ticket and sponsorship total.
    • 1/4 will be determined by audience voting.
    • 1/4 will be determined by a Rock Panel of judges.
  • The Rock Panel of Judges will score each band in three categories: technical ability, creativity, and audience participation.
  • The band with the highest Rock Panel score will win the Judges' Choice Award.

Playing the Event

  • A live emcee will preside over the competition.
  • Lighting, sound, “back line” equipment, and production will be provided by Law Rocks.
  • The concert will be professionally photographed; the high resolution photo files will be sent to all participants.
  • If the budget allows, the concert will be professionally filmed; the digital files will be sent to all participants.
  • Playlist
    • Each band is limited to one 25 minute set.
    • Accepted bands must submit a final playlist and final band roster to Law Rocks one month prior to the show.
    • Song selection is on a 'first come, first served' basis.
    • Each band’s final playlist will be subject to approval by Law Rocks.
  • Order of Play
    • Order of play will be determined two weeks prior to the event at 7pm local time.
    • If the winner from the previous year is participating they have the first choice of slots.
    • Any band(s) supported by a Hall of Fame sponsorship are given the opportunity to select next.
    • The band with the highest total fundraising - donations AND ticket/sponsorship total will select their place in the order of play next; the band with the second highest will then choose and so on.
  • Sound Check
    • Sound check will be the afternoon of the concert, generally between 3-6pm.
    • Bands sound check spots will be in reverse order of play.
    • Law Rocks will try to accommodate requests due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Encore
    • The winning band will play a one-song encore provided the band is present and there is enough time.