Second Annual Law Rocks! Dubai (2016)

30 November 2016. Law Rocks returned to Dubai with a trio of amazing bands set to rock out at The Music Room at the Majestic Hotel. Along with being rocked by the bands, the crowd was treated to an opening act by Paddyman, the #1 Irish Entertainer in the Middle East!

In ninety short minutes the Second Annual Law Rocks! Dubai raised AED32,500 for the Al Jalila Foundation. Al Jalila Foundation is a not-for-profit healthcare organisation dedicated to transforming lives through medical education and research.

Winner: The Well Hung Jury of Dubai Holding


The Latent Defects
with talent from Nabarro

This year's Latent Defects are even more defective than last year! That resistible recipe of youth and past sell by date inexperience: Rashid, "Quick Hand" Khan slices through on lead, Rebecca Day belts it out, Jo "strummer" Enright provides the liquid rhythm, Terry "Turn it up" Fleet bashes away on a bass, while new recruit Jeff2, (twin brother of Jeff in the Pipers crew) provides some discipline to the recipe. While patently defective you ignore the Latent Defects at your peril!!

Screenshot 2016-11-28 18.34.46.png

Piper at the Gates of Dawn
with talent from DLA Piper

Rarely do the tectonic plates of rock collide with such musical force as they have in the assembling of Pipers at the Gates of Dawn's second incarnation. The Mark II version sees gravel-voiced chord-king Eamon "Buddy" Holly fronting the band, with lead-axe ace Royston "Shredder"'Pendley continuing to carve the sonic arches under which the group stand and deliver their crotchet and quaver crunching cacophony.  New to the PATGOD's quite literally several fans, are Zara "Zeppelin" Merali and Ali "Chaka" Khan, setting the vocal scenery in front of which Buddy bludgeons, with Chaka adding liquid keys of elegance. Jeff "The Drummer" keeps our renegade crew honest by making the beat his very own, and one-string wonder Simon "Smalls" Palmer fortunate to retain his place against keen bass competition from Lemmy (in his current status). Surrender your ears, half close your eyes, and open your heart, to welcome the unimaginable rock offerings about to laid before you, whether you like it or not. Let's Rock!

The Well Hung Jury
with talent from Dubai Holding

This well-endowed team of in-house musos strives to go where no group of folk playing late-40s-bloke-pub-rock has gone before…and then some. No musical limits, no timesheets and no billable hours…