Law Rocks! London - June (2017)

22 June 2017
The 100 Club

A hot and steamy London saw the return of Law Rocks! to The 100 Club stage on 22nd June. Five bands lined up for what was always going to be a hot one. Opening were debutants The Scowndrels from Stephens & Scown who travelled up from Truro in Cornwall (a mere 284 miles) but it was worth it. A very brave set had the audience won over – their cover of Weak by Skunk Anansie brought out the inner rocker in everyone. We are told that their 7.5 hour journey home did nothing to dampen their spirits………

Next up were Brown Rudnick’s, The Rudnicks – always entertaining (this year most of them were covered in glitter), always tight, and they didn’t disappoint. Any band able to pull of The Chain by Fleetwood Mac and Jonny B. Goode in the same set deserve the spoils surely? They were followed by the barristers at 2KBW, The Bar Mess. These guys have been supporting Law Rocks! for five years now, and have been the bridesmaid a few times but never the bride. A classic four piece rock band, they like everything as long as it’s loud. The Fratellis’ Chelsea Dagger had everyone singing along, whilst Dame Vera Lynn’s We’ll Meet Again (we are not joking) had us all feeling patriotic. 

Heading toward the close, Kidd Rapinet’s Kidd Rhapsody had us all playing air guitar. Cream, Clapton, Crow to name but a few artists they covered, and how those two boys play the guitars like that we will never know! Quite amazing!! Not to mention a 15 year old drummer who was as tight a performer as any! Closing the night was Dirty Rumour from Taylor Vinters. Lots of technology on stage for these guys, but, and it was a first at law Rocks!, it all worked! A drum machine on loop, two synths with Apple Macs each, they managed to pay tribute to Mr. Sheeran, Ms. Gaga, Ms. Perry and Eurythmics to boot. 

The judges; Ricardo Rozas of Jorquiera & Rozas Abogados in Santiago, Chile (a veteran of Law Rocks! at the IBA), Jessica Tresham of Blake Morgan (very highly qualified and classically trained musician and veteran of Law Rocks! also) and Adam Bullion of generous sponsors Info Track had a horrible job. A really horrible job. In as tight a result as we have seen in a while, they decided that The Bar Mess from 2KBW should emerge victorious.

Co Founder of Law Rocks and compere Damian Hickman said, "From one of the best debuts, to the old timers, winning at the 5th attempt. It was a truly unforgettable Law Rocks! I was so impressed with all the set lists, I have made it into a playlist”. You can stream that playlist right here!

Richard Witcombe of winners 2KBW added; "After five "Law Rocks" and two "Unplugged" we, The Bar Mess, are cock-a-hoop finally to have come out on top. An awful lot of tunes that haven't worked, a precious few that have, a loyal and forgiving hardcore fanbase (Chris) and a bit of sweat have brought us to Thursday 22/6/17, and we're delighted and flattered to have nailed it. Delighted because it feels nice, and flattered because that's four whole years of listening to other lawyers making often jaw-droppingly good music. Thanks Law Rocks for having us on board - the real credit is yours. Rock on. Vive le Mess!"