Inaugural Law Rocks! Rome at IBA (2018)

Law Rocks! Rome
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11 October 2018
Monk Roma

So Law Rocks! had our first ever gig in Italy at the International Bar Association Annual Conference in Rome last week.

The venue was pretty special - originally a farm which is not just outside the city centre, built in 1821 with a courtyard and bistro. The venue hall itself was spectacular - sound and lighting was off the scale!

Irwin Mitchell's IM Beats very kindly opened so none of the competing acts had to go first. As winners of many of our gigs around the world, they didn't disappoint.

Next up were Ashurst's Neil and Niall (or The Sherlocks as we like to call them). They too are many time winners (maybe there is a duo thing there....) and their blend of acoustic guitar and cello had us all singing along (and pretending we knew the words).

Next appearance was by Harrison Clark Rickerbys and the Devil's Advocates (see what they did there?). Only their second time of entering and boy did they rock! One of the other drummers said of HRC's drummer; 'That's how you do it...'

Fourth on stage were BonelliErede's Without Prejudice. The general consensus was why on earth their singer was not a professional singer, no one knew! A great debut performance and you can bet that you'll see them in next year's Law Rocks! Rome.

Taylor Vinters' Dirty Rumour took the stage next, and wow! Pulling off a note perfect Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap is hard enough, let alone in front of a crowd form around the world who have had four sterling performances already. Kudos to them for that.

C. D. Messios from Cyprus had last played at our IBA Vienna gig (you remember, the one that went on until 4am...). We all remembered the bass from that gig. They brought the bass, the brass, and a wonderful young lady singer who handled Valerie by Amy Winehouse as well as we have heard anyone handle it.

The mighty Demolition from Keating Chambers were on next. Never a band to do things by halves, they stuck to their principles and then some. They had the whole crowd singing Dani California. And oh my, the outfits...... The images still burned into our eyes.......

Howard Kennedy's Take It To The Bridge stormed the stage with the usual kind of set for them. You know, technically difficult songs and yet pulled off with aplomb. A brave and inventive Edge of Seventeen/Bootylicious mash up was met with huge applause and lots of bad dancing by the audience.

Finally, the Seven Seas. These guys are part of the International Bar Association Maritime Section and only play together once a year. For us. At our IBA gig. And boy do they play. Their rendition of Whole Lotta Love at our Tokyo gig would be hard to beat, but Call Me was last week delivered with similar skill and enthusiasm.

Our Judges Nikki Link, Katie Stephenson and Pietro Galizzi decided that there could only be one winner.......

No, wait, they couldn't decide so Taylor Vinters' Dirty Rumour and Howard Kennedy's Take It To The Bridge both took the joint spoils. Cue absolutely brilliant joint encore!!

Thanks to all who came and made it such a great night, and thanks to our sponsors for the event; Opus 2 and 39 Essex Chambers.

But HUGE thanks to the IDRC and Secretariat International for supporting Damian, Natasha, and Nick in their adventure surrounding this gig.

See you all in Seoul at the IBA if not before.........

Nick Child,
Law Rocks Founder